About Pain Insights

Pain Insights was founded in 2001 to offer marketing strategy consultation and market research services exclusively in the area of pain management. The company principals closely monitor developments in the management of pain and have developed strong rapport with key thought leaders and organizations. This ongoing surveillance, coupled with extensive experience, provides the principals with the knowledge and context to make analytical and well-reasoned assessments of current and future market trends and potential opportunities.

Pain management experience in a variety of markets:

  • Musculoskeletal/Arthritis
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Migraine and headache
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Acute/Post-operative pain
  • Cancer pain

Pain Insights has conducted market research and strategic planning programs to support R&D development, licensing agreements, and product launch readiness. Selected areas of study include:

  • Abuse-deterrent opioids for acute and chronic pain
  • Rapid-acting opioids for breakthrough pain
  • Innovative triptan formulations for acute migraine
  • Novel agents for migraine prophylaxis
  • New mechanisms for neuropathic pain
  • Biologicals for chronic pain
  • Local anesthetics for acute and chronic pain
  • Non-opioids for post-operative pain

Prior to incorporating Pain Insights, Inc., designed and executed the market research plans for Humira®, Vicodin®, Vicoprofen® and Dilaudid® product lines at Abbott Laboratories/Knoll Pharmaceuticals.