How We See the Market

Pain Insights monitors key issues and development opportunities on a daily basis

  • According to the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) Relieving Pain in America report ( 2011), approximately 100 million U.S. adults experience chronic pain
  • Unmet needs in the management of acute and chronic pain are numerous and have been difficult to overcome, but extensive research and education is ongoing to address these needs
    • Inconsistent pain assessments and ongoing monitoring of therapy:
      • Greater recognition of pain mechanisms; assessment in special populations; identification of patients prone to the development of chronic pain
    • Product performance issues:
      • Percentage of patients obtaining a 50% response leaves many patients sub-optimally treated
      • Lack of demonstration of long-term effectiveness in chronic pain
      • Side effects prevent certain drugs from being used to their full effectiveness (e.g. neuropathic pain); key side effects include nausea, somnolence, dizziness, edema, and weight gain
      • Level of contraindications with current drug classes in key populations (e.g. NSAIDs/COX-2 inhibitors in the elderly, triptans in acute migraine)
      • Risk of misuse, abuse, and diversion with opioids
      • Prevention of the transition form acute to chronic pain
      • Insufficient management of co-morbidities (e.g. sleep, anxiety, depression)
    • Clinical trials/Managed markets:
      • Research on clinically meaningful endpoints and innovative designs to increase assay sensitivity in clinical trials for the treatment of pain
      • Endpoints in clinical trials to support not only approval but also product differentiation and "scientific momentum"