Our Services

We provide both qualitative and quantitative market research services utilizing varied methodologies including personal and telephone interviews, focus groups, quantitative web-based surveys and secondary data analysis.

Specific services include:

Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research

  • Positioning development/verification
    • Positioning maps visually depict the overall structure of the market by identifying perceived similarities and differences among the competing brands.
    • Key Driver Analysis/brand imagery attribute testing
  • Managed care formulary assessments/Value proposition studies
    • The understanding of how brand attributes/benefits deliver value and align with the needs of stakeholders.
  • ATU (awareness, trial & usage) studies
  • Detail and journal ad testing
  • Barriers to entry investigations/Early users/non-user studies
  • Prescriber level data analysis/Market tracking studies
  • Sales force feedback studies (Rep/Doc)

Marketing Strategy Consultation

  • Includes licensing evaluations, preparation of market landscapes and analyses, opportunity assessments/forecasts, strategic plan development and positioning development/verification.
  • Areas addressed can include the current market environment, competitor profiles, treatment algorithms, identification of future trends, unmet needs and opportunities, pipeline analysis, critical success factors/SWOT analysis.

New Product Assessments:

  • Determining how decision makers value different product characteristics. There are two primary ways we measure market receptivity to a new product, concept testing and trade-off analysis.

Thought Leader Interviews

  • Add unique perspectives when assessing target product profiles and determining clinical endpoint importance

Key Audience Coverage:

  • All physician specialties & healthcare practitioners important to pain management
  • Clinical Trial Researchers
  • Patients and Caregivers
  • Pharmacy Professionals – Hospital and Retail
  • Managed Care Executives
  • Regulators